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Social Media Marketing

Be relevant and inspire, engage, interact and connect with your customers by harnessing the power of Social Media

Are you baffled by social media like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and You Tube? Or are you social media savvy but struggling to integrate your social media with the rest of your marketing?

Facebook has so many active users that if Facebook were a country, it would be the third biggest in the world. In New Zealand 1.8M Kiwis interact via social media sites for info about products, services and brands. These numbers are too big to ignore. If you don't know or are struggling to understand where social media fits in your marketing, we can help.

We can take care of all your social media marketing needs including building your brand, loyalty, reputation, customer base and more. We will create a social media plan that gets your business noticed by your ideal clients. Then our social media experts can do the hard work for you by updating your Facebook page, tweeting and writing creative blogs for your business.

Social Media Marketing Plan

What we do

Understand how to use social media to build your brand, loyalty, reputation and customer base through a social media plan that outlines how to:

  • Plan for social media
  • Identify the best social media for your business and marketing needs
  • Create engaging content (Tell not sell)
  • Leverage your social media presence
  • Manage your social media (and applicable tools)
  • Determine the results you want to achieve and measure your success

What you'll get

A social media plan that:

  • Lets you take control of your social media and integrate it with your other marketing channels
  • Gets your business noticed by your ideal clients and creates buzz around what you do
  • You'll also understand the tasks and actions you need to take to bring your social media strategy to life

Social Media Management

Let our social media experts take care of your social media needs. For a small monthly fee, they'll write new updates, add new tweets and post relevant content to all your social media platforms.

The monthly fee is dependent on amount of content to develop and number of tweets & updates each week but our minimum package includes:

  • Reshaping your content into updates and tweets
  • Posting to your social media platforms
  • Commenting, responding and interacting with your followers
  • Spam monitoring and removal
  • Setup of any RSS feeds for your news content or blog

Our minimum package is for a period of 6 months.

Harness the power of social media. Contact us now about our social media plan or management services.

Our social media plan services also qualify under the NZTE Capability Voucher Scheme. You could be eligible to get up to $5000.00 free marketing from Muritai Marketing. You can learn about this scheme here.

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