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  • Clarity+Action = Results!
    Clarity+Action = Results!

    Experience the magical moment when
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Start a marketing project to grow your business

Do more with marketing services that save time, effort and get results



Improve your marketing skills to grow your business

Marketing coaching, advice and support to help you and your business thrive.



Work with a professional to grow your business

Want a team with fresh ideas and thinking to do your marketing for you?


Marketing made for the way business is today

To grow a business, your marketing needs to work harder than ever before. You need the right combination of smart strategy, deep understanding of your end buyer and a brand story that opens all the right doors.

Muritai Group is a Christchurch-based marketing and brand strategy company. Inspired by the word 'Muritai'- Māori for sea breeze – we bring a fresh approach to marketing.

We believe in challenging ineffective marketing with creative ideas, strategic thinking and common sense to deliver marketing that works. That’s why everything we do for you is underpinned by strategy and the science behind what makes your customers buy.

With a range of plans and services to fill any marketing expertise gaps that your business might have; we can also coach you to success or act as your outsourced marketing department.

Marketing made for the way business is today