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Export Marketing Plans

Grow, prosper and succeed at competing against the best in the world

Entering foreign markets is a major decision. It requires clear direction and certainty around your business objectives. The many challenges are compounded by New Zealand being miles away from most major market places.

To get the best results you need to do a lot of market validation, have a strong strategy, understand your available channels to market, know how to find and sell to your potential customers and have a strong brand story that connects with those customers. You can't assume that what works in New Zealand will work offshore.

The payoff though can be huge. In fact successful exporters usually achieve substantial growth and are more productive, innovative and competitive. They have higher performing teams and workplace practices as a result of competing in international marketplaces.

Our Export Marketing Plan is designed to help you identify the things you need to get right to build a sustainable, long term business relationship with your targeted overseas market(s).

What we do

We review your products and services, ideal clients, competitive environment and target market including:

  • Why you want to export
  • The results you want to achieve
  • Your products and services – What have you got that makes you truly special? What is your unique selling point (USP)?
  • Market analysis – Who are your ideal clients (target end users or buyers)?
  • Market validation - including market selection and distribution channels to market
  • Competitor analysis – Find out their products and services, pricing and branding. How will you compete against them?
  • Promotional strategy – What promotional, communications and online activities and tactics do you need?

What you'll get

Your personalised export marketing plan full of recommendations and actions that:

  • Gives clarity and direction around your export marketing
  • Identifies the people who truly want what you have to offer
  • Analyses your competitors and what you need to do to compete
  • Identifies the key promotional elements required to create a sales buzz targeted at your ideal clients
  • Outlines and discusses the key channels to market that are applicable to your business, products and services
  • Includes a detailed 12 month marketing activity calendar and implementation plan


Experience the magical moment when you get clarity around your export marketing. Contact us now for your export marketing plan.

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