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Case Study -
Mt Pleasant Community Centre & Harrington's Breweries

Good Beer Doing Good

The Client

A collaboration between Mt Pleasant Community Centre & Residents Association Inc. (MPCC) and Harrington's Breweries. MPCC has been part of the Mt Pleasant Community for 62 years until the February 2011 earthquake destroyed their building. Several years of hard work including rebuild planning, community consultation, insurance negotiations and fundraising activity saw the Mt Pleasant Community Centre rebuild get underway. However, with a rebuild budget short-fall the MPCC were looking at other fundraising and income-producing options. 

So when John Harrington, founder of Harrington’s Brewery and long-time Mt Pleasant resident, Derek McCullough (MPCC President), got together to think of ways to raise money for the rebuild, the conversation soon turned to beer. From there, the idea of producing a Mt Pleasant series of beers was born, using the best and most popular of Harrington’s award winning craft beers. 

The Challenge

To develop a low cost and high impact way to launch a ‘fundraising’ range of craft beers, based on four of the top-selling premium Harrington’s beers (re-labelled as Broad Reach, Ziraffe, Muddy Duck and Road Cone Red). 

The Solution

We worked closely with our clients and pulled in our most experienced graphic designer, to create an impactful campaign and launch. We could see the potential for this idea and wanted to build a campagin with legs as a medium to long-term fundraising venture. As such we recommended the creation of a visual identity, slogan, launch event and online marketing campaign for this commiunity focused venture.

Visual identity - utilised the beer label typography and fonts in all  collateral to create a sense of brand. Engaged designer experienced desiger and illustrator Mike McGurk to develop distinctive and memorable labels for each of the four beers as well as a logo to tie them together.

Messaging – developed a short, simple slogan to brand the initiative – the beers, promotions, collateral and ultimately what this is about:

Good Beer Doing Good

Launch event – with the theme of ‘summer time BBQ’, food by Moveable Feasts and entertainment by the Mt Pleasant Ukulele Band, we aimed to create a colourful fiesta of summer time BBQ fun, ideal for media pickup and social media content.

Launch invite - Created an appealing, attractive invite with the teaser ‘what do a broad reach, muddy duck, ziraffe and a red cone red have in common?’.

Online marketing – promoted launch through social media and established a Facebook Page specifically for promoting and marketing the beers online.

The Results

Launched the range of beers on 26th November with much fanfair and to a crowd of excited locals and media.

Beers sold at the launch, Mt Pleasant Farmers market and Community Centre have proven popular with locals and the first run of beers sold out within the month. A deal with Countdown is in negotiation for 2016.

CTV produced a segment - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwiluI-dZAQ


Team: Lee Retimana, Mike McGurk, Derek McCullough (MPCC), John Harrington (Harrington's Brewery)


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