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Marketing Plans

Want to grow your business with confidence? We deliver successful marketing that gives you the clarity, direction and results you need!

If the customer doesn't purchase your product or service, nothing else matters!!!

Marketing is about generating leads and enquiries for your business to convert into sales. It's not just advertising. It's not just selling. It's not persuading people to buy things they don't need or want.

Marketing is about winning the hearts and minds of your customers and ideal clients which means reaching the right people, with the right product or service, at the right place and the right time. Our marketing plans remove the guesswork and let you grow your business with confidence.

What we do

We review your marketing, products and services and competitive environment including:

  • Your current marketing challenges and opportunities
  • Your industry and competitors
  • The results you’d like to achieve and how you’ll measure them
  • Current marketing activities - what’s working and what’s not
  • The real benefits of your products and services
  • Your ideal clients (target markets) or the people who really want what you have to offer
  • Where to find those people and how to communicate with them

What you'll get

Your personalised marketing plan that:

  • Identifies the best marketing activities and promotional tactics for your business
  • Determines how to increase sales from both existing and new clients
  • Outlines where and how online and social media fits with your business
  • Shows you where you should be spending your marketing dollars

Your plan will also include a 12 month marketing activity calendar and implementation plan 

Experience the magical moment when you get clarity around your marketing. Contact us now for your personalised marketing plan.

We can also coach you to success. Our marketing plan coaching services also qualify under the NZTE Capability Voucher Scheme. You could be eligible to get up to $5000.00 free marketing from Muritai Group. Learn about this scheme here.

Marketing made for the way business is today