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Communication Plans

Maximise the impact of your communications and strengthen your brand image with every communication you have with your customers

Communications is about developing the right messages and using the right communication channels to reach your customers each time. A Communications Plan from Muritai Group will help you achieve this.

What we do

The process starts with an initial review of your current communications, content, promotional messages and language. We then:

  • Identify the best channels available for your business and customers. We review social media, blogging, PR, advertising, tradeshows, guerrilla marketing, article marketing, sales promotions, direct marketing, word-of-mouth, print, websites and referrals
  • Identify and define the optimum mix for your business
  • Develop your communication plan

What you'll get

Your communications and content plan that:

  • Creates buzz around what you do
  • Details key promotional messages and content needs
  • Details the tasks and actions you need to take to sell what you do to your ideal clients.

Maximise the impact of your communications. Contact us now for your communications plan.

Our communication plan services also qualify under the NZTE Capability Voucher Scheme. You could be eligible to get up to $5000.00 free marketing from Muritai Group. You can learn about this scheme here.

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