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Case Study -
Triple0 Medical Recruitment

There’s only one final

The Client

Triple0 Medical Recruitment recruits doctors from the UK, US, NZ and Australia and places them in amazing jobs and locations throughout NZ and OZ.

The Challenge

Muritai Group has worked with Triple0 since 2010 to help them action their marketing programme. This project was in relation to the 2011 Rugby World Cup (RWC) – a prime opportunity for Triple0 to engage with its existing client base as well as grow its prospect base. However, as only official sponsors of the World Cup could use the RWC branding in their advertising, we had to create a campaign that met the event rules while ensuring the target audience understood the messages.

The Solution

A lead generation campaign called ‘’There’s only one final’’. Doctors entered the draw to win 2 tickets to the RWC final by registering with or referring a colleague to Triple0. Starting with pre-campaign advertising (Triple0, $Triple0,000) targeting young doctors seeking high value jobs, the campaign then expanded to include online and email marketing, print advertising and social media.

Team: Lee Retimana, Mark Spurgeon (Publica)


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